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SDRC Inc., through Limited Liability Companies, manages limited partnerships which fund economic development projects on behalf of EB-5 investors in accordance with federal laws and regulations.

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+ 2014 Semi Annual Financials Posted

+ All Partners Letter Posted

+ 2013 Financials Posted

+ SDIF LP1 LP3 & LP7 Letter Posted

+K-1's Posted: SDIF LP5, LP4, LP7, LP2, LP3, LP1, LP6, LP9

+DP Project Letter Posted.

+ SDIF & LP6 LP9 Bankruptcy Updates Posted.

+ Green Card: Dear SDIF Limited Partner W-9 Letter Posted.

+SDIF LP5 Day County Wind Farm pictures posted.

+Basin Photos & Updates Posted.

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Deadwood Casino

+Deadwood Mountain Grand completed. Latest Hotel News & Pictures Posted.